How to watch Netflix on iPad Outside US | VPN for iPad

Recently I am trying to figure out how to watch Netflix on my iPad. I heard a lot of good thing about Netflix for its flat monthly fee and able to watch unlimited movie as long as you have plenty of spare time. The movie titles are not latest compared with Apple Movie Rental. But for a cheap monthly, it is really a good deal.

How to signup Netflix Outside US?

Signing up in Netflix requires additional work if we are outside US. Currently Netflix is available to customers located in US only. They will check our IP to verify the location and restrict our access. We have to hide our real location before getting into it. After some research and price comparison, I found Hide My Ass! VPN (Yes, it is really a funny name). I bought a 6 month package for around $8 per month.

Setting up VPN for iPad

Setting VPN for iPad is straight forward. Go to Settings > General > Network > VPN, enter the information got from Hide My Ass! VPN. Choose PPTP as the protocol. Fill in server ip, user name and password. All done.

Download Netflix App for iPad

Netflix App for iPad is only available in US iTunes Store. I have opened my US iTunes Store account with my debit card from US Bank. If you do not have any credit/debit issued from US, you may consider buying a giftcard and redeem it.

Hope you find the information VPN for iPad useful.

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