How to Setup VPN for iPad 2

Getting VPN for iPad connection is quite straight forward. Apple iPad has built-in VPN functionality so that you could setup the VPN for iPad with a few steps only. To keep it short, here are the steps:

  • Step 1. Subscribe to a VPN service. There are many companies around the world and I am currently using HMA VPN, which about $8/month for a 6 months package.
  • Step 2. Once you got VPN ready, login their control panel, select the server/country you prefer. Get the server IP, username and password ready
  • Step 3. On your iPad, go to Settings icon, General > Network > VPN. You may get more details from Apple Support website.
  • Step 4. Enter the information you got from HMA

VPN for iPad

Now after creating the VPN configuration, you have an option turn on/off VPN when needed. Make sure you see VPN on top if you are surfing secured information in public environment.

What to do with VPN for iPad?

  • Watch Netflix outside US. Click here to learn more.
  • Unblock access to Facebook, Twitter, etc if you are located in company WIFI environment
  • Listen to or Pandora if you are aboard

Hope you find the information regarding VPN for iPad useful.